Astrology with Jeff Baugher

Gain a new perspective on your life and an understanding of your personal cycles.
Understand your overall life’s direction and purpose, as well as the territory you are moving through now.

Gain a new perspective on a relationship.
Understand the dynamic between you and another (personal partner, business partner, parent/child).

Get help in choosing optimum dates for important initiatives.
For important start dates (opening a business, scheduling a marriage, releasing a product).
Experience Astrological Tai Chi
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 Appointments with Jeff Baugher 

Initial consult (1 hour)  Addresses the question: “Who am I?” Before the appointment, I create the horoscope “chartwheel” and study it. At the appointment, we discuss your life patterns including your potential and path of growth. You get a copy of the chartwheel.

Initial 29.6 Year Cycle - The Most Important Cycle of Your Life 
consult (45 minutes)  Addresses: “What is the biggest cycle of my life, and where am I in that cycle?” We discuss your life progression using the framework of a 29.6 year cycle. You get a copy of your chartwheel and a one-page typewritten description of your individualized 29.6 year cycles including phases and reference periods. Learn more from the audio files below.

Initial consult with forecast (1.5 hours)
  Addresses: “Who am I, where am I in my life’s journey, and what’s coming up?” This includes everything above as well as your individual forecast for the next 6-12 months. The forecast centers on issues coming to a decision point, your options, and the origins of your cycles. I also identify windows of opportunity and periods of turbulence. I do not, however, make specific predictions about what will happen to you. 



Learn about the 29.6 Year Cycle - The Most Important Cycle of Your Life 

1 The Most Important Cycle of Your Life - Intro - Jeff Baugher.mp3

2 The Most Important Cycle of Your Life - Christopher Reeve - Jeff Baugher.mp3

3 The Most Important Cycle of Your Life - Adolph Hitler - Jeff Baugher.mp3

4 The Most Important Cycle of Your Life - Your 29.6 year cycle - Jeff Baugher.mp3

Article by Jeff Baugher 

“Life’s Last Chance: the Uranus Opposition”
(by Jeff Baugher; published August 2000 in Illuminations)

There comes a point in life when each individual feels powerfully challenged to break free of his or her 'accepted role' in society, and to do something in life that is really unique. Although this urge can surface at virtually any time, it’s common that sometime between the ages of 38-41, a one-year mid-life crisis takes place signifying this attempt to align one’s life path with an unrealized destiny.

This crucial time period corresponds to when the planet Uranus, the 'bringer of freedom,' moves to a point opposite where it was when the individual was born. Although there are many important astrological cycles, this is one of the few major ones that happens around the same age for everybody. It symbolizes the psychological midpoint of life, where pressure builds to make the future more meaningful than the past.

I see many clients for an astrological consultation as this powerful crossroads arrives. They often report that it feels like 'life’s last chance' to break away from the limitations of what is expected of them, and feel driven toward a totally new direction in their career or primary relationship. Uranus asks each of us this question around age 40: "Are your lifestyle and career relevant to who you are? And if not, are you willing to act on your unique dream in the face of the judgment and criticism of family, friends, and co-workers?" Every answer here is chock full of risk.

Those who ignore these inner whispers about change almost invariably experience a series of upsetting events anyway, destabilizing the irrelevant patterns in their life. The more they resist, the more they attract painful explosions. Some individuals 'go crazy' during this time and destroy their lives by moving so quickly that they totally disregard what is still working. For this group, there is little to return to when their radical escape plan doesn’t pan out. And finally, some people carefully consider what they really want, and move toward it - opening up new possibilities for growth and for fulfilling their destiny. The inner struggle is won, but the outer struggle involves making changes without the usual support of friends and loved ones.

Knowing when cycles like this are upon us can be very helpful. Often, as an astrologer, I am the only one in a client’s life supporting his or her decision to make significant and inevitable changes. Astrology can both pinpoint the exact time period when the cycle is occurring and also identify times in the past when decisions about the same issue were made. (For example, in this cycle, there is a one-year period between ages 18-21 corresponding to an earlier decision point about following a unique dream.) Knowing these cycles can help you to connect with and to value what is happening inside of you. And for others, being able to recognize when your friend, family member, or co-worker  is going through a cycle like this can allow you to really be there for them at a crucial time in their life.

Each of us has special gifts that we are here to express. Embracing crucial decision points like 'life’s last chance' can help bring us closer to the unique happiness that is everyone’s birthright.


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