Shadow Work® - working with human ‘shadow’, the Shadow Work® community, and world seminar schedule.

 Women in Power - an unprecedented space for women to explore all realms of their powers, then revelling in it.

 The Magi Society - scientifically-proven approach to astrology traced to Chinese monk-astrologers of the 1600’s. 

 The Mankind Project® – an educational organization committed to empowering men to missions of service.

Recommended Reading

 "Owning Your Own Shadow"  by Robert Johnson  (shadow intro)

"A Little Book On the Human Shadow"  by Robert Bly  (shadow intro)

"The Inner Sky"  by Steven Forrest  (beginning astrology)

"Yesterday's Sky"  by Steven Forrest  (astrology and reincarnation)

"Making The Gods Work For You"  by Caroline Casey  (planetary archetypes)  


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